About Us

The Simplicitas Concept

Established in Ireland in 2007, Simplicitas has worked hard to build what we like to call ‘the best social care team in Ireland’. Our team is committed to our vision and our values, as well as each member bringing with them a unique set of individual personal and professional strengths and abilities. Support staff are all trained in specific therapeutic approaches and are responsible for the establishment and maintenance of the therapeuticenvironment on a day-to-day basis. We support Continuous Professional Development, and theteam is currently working towards the opening of theProfessional Register for Social Care Workers by CORU, expected in November 2023. Support workers in Simplicitas come from all walks of life, with a mixture of social care graduates and later entrants to the sector who bring with them intelligent warmth, compassion, and an ability to rapidly assimilate our model and our working ethos.

Creating excellence and promoting development in our team reflects the aims we have for all of our clients. Everyone is equal, and everyone can take control of their life to develop into the person they want to be. People need the right kind of support and resources to achieve this. This is what we offer to people who entrust us with supporting them in living their lives, and to the people who are part of delivering the Simplicitas promise.