Our Team


Liz Lyden


Liz Lyden brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Simplicitas having worked in the UK in the pioneering years of Care in the Community in the 1980’s, and in residential settings for both children and adults, Liz is a qualified social worker, with interests in natural remedies, reiki and vegan cooking. Liz has also served as a Trustee on several national and international charities, and led the New Belongings project for Care Leavers on behalf of the Department of Education in the UK. Liz was the inspiration behind Simplicitas, which she founded, with Janet Rich in 2007.

Stephen Talbot


Stephen Talbotbrings  25 years of management and business experience to Simplicitas, joining the organisation as a Director in 2011. Stephen has a particular interest in Vocational Development, leading on Activity Club & Project Development, as well as running group work & holidays. With additional expertise in building design and disability access, Stephen holds a rights-based vision of inclusion for people with disabilities, with equality and acceptance at its heart. Stephen has a strong focus on developing staff as well as clients, and is a well-respected member of the local community, enhancing the access and opportunities available through the organisation to those whom it serves.

Janet Rich


Janet Rich has a background in child and adolescent therapeutic work preceding her move into adult disability services in 2007 when Simplicitas was established. Janet has also worked on policy issues in the UK, towards better lives for children in, and leaving, care campaigning for Care Leaver rights and service improvements. She facilitated the direct engagement of children leaving care with Government Ministers, and sat as a Trustee for The Care Leavers Foundation for  19 years, and on the development group for the National Institute for Excellence developing Standards for Looked After Children as well as leading representative bodies for Residential Care.

Thoughts from our Support Workers