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Welcome to Simplicitas

Welcome to our website

If you are thinking of using our services, this page is for you. It is also for families and anyone who wants a quick read. Click on the links if you want to read more
At Simplicitas we believe everyone is equal
We think all people have the right to a good life
People who work in Simplicitas really care about their work and care about the people they support


“The best thing about the service is they have helped me to be independent and have my own home. I’ve got more freedom now. In the previous nursing home, I was just lying around. Staff have helped me control my anger. I can’t believe how much calmer I am now.”
Simplicitas was set up in 2007 by Liz, Janet and Stephen, who run the organisaiton and look after everybody.
We give jobs to the best people we can find, who love their work, and really care about the people they are supporting.


Simplicitas supports people with disability and mental health needs. People come to us when other services have not worked out for them. People who come to us may have been in a disability service, or a prison, or a psychiatric hospital, or somewhere else. Some people are leaving the family home for the first time.
Simplicitas starts by talking to the person to find out what kind of support they need, and what they want in their life. Every service is different, because every person is different.


Round the clock support.If you need support all of the time, we can offer you this
Support in your own home.If your choice is to live in your own house or apartment, and live in your community, we can provide you with all the support you need to do that.


Moving back in to the Community.If you have been in hospital for a long time, and need extra support to settle back into the community, Simplicitas can make a plan that will support you to do this.
Outreach Support.Some people only need a few hours a week to support them with the life they want to lead. That’s fine too. A service from Simplicitas is just what you need. It is designed for you.


Not everyone in Simplicitas ‘lives’ with Simplicitas. Some people just come in to join one of the Activity Clubs, or have a Personal Development Plan specially made to meet their needs. This can help if you live alone and find it hard to find things to do, or make friends.
Clubs and Plans can include trips, activities, holidays, learning skills, making friends, and celebrations at special times of the year.


Everyone needs respite sometimes. Sometimes people just need a break away from their regular life. Or families need a break from looking after you if you need a lot of support. Whatever kind of break you need, Simplicitas can arrange this. It might be a day, a night or a week. It could be just once, or regularly. If you are having a respite break with us, we make sure you get to do things that you enjoy, so that every break like a mini-holiday for everyone.


Finding out what you need
When you join a new service, it is important that the service knows everything about you, so that we can get things right for you. This includes all the things you tell us are important to you. It is your life. And you are the most important person in making the service work. We will also listen to what other people say about you. Including family and professionals. They know a lot about you too. We will listen to all the people who you tell us are important to you. We will also listen to the HSE. The HSE have to decide if we are the right service for you. Before they do this, they will ask you what you think.


Simplicitas Team

Simplicitas was created in 2007 by Liz Lyden, Janet Rich and Stephen Talbot
We know everyone in the organisaiton. We designed it to be small, so that everybody gets what they need. Everybody is important.
We work hard to find the best Support Workers there are. We support them, so that they can support you.


About Simplicitas

Simplicitas aims to create a ‘therapeutic environment’. That means a place where everyone feels safe and everyone feels valued. It means a place where you will get all the support and care and kindness that you need. And you will also get the support that you need to stay safe, while you step out into the world and learn to be more independent.
In Simplicitas everyone can say what they want to say and be heard. Everyone is equal. Staff, and Directors and managers, and people using the service. We will always try and make you feel important, whoever you are. Because you are important
The staff that we choose for you are good people, who are well trained.


Simplicitas Approach

Our first job is to learn to understand you, and what is important to you. We need to find out what you want in your life and how you want to live. You might have a disability. You might have a mental illness. You might have had some really bad things happen in your life. You might not have had the right kind of service before. This service is all about you.
We will work with you to find out who you are. We will work with you to find out exactly what kind of life you are hoping to live. We will support you to learn all the things you need to know to be as independent as you can be. We will support you to learn how to be confident, how to speak up for yourself and how to feel good about yourself.
There are many ways we can help you towards these goals. You will have your own personal programme designed for you. You can choose from education goals, work experinece, and therapies. You might want to go to counselling, learn yoga, do music or animal therapy. There are lots of things you can choose from


The Simplicitas Vision

Simplicitas would like to see a world where everyone is treated equally. A world where everyone is respected and listened to. A world where all people can learn, have fun and joy in their lives, be themselves, and follow their dreams. If you join us, we will do our best to bring all of these things into your world.
Everyone means everyone. It doesn’t matter what your race, religion, gender identity, disability or mental health state might be. Everyone is equal.


A Safe High Quality Service

At Simplicitas you will be living in your own home with our support.


Here are some of the things people say about us:

“I like that ye put the right people in that we get on with”

“You are a brilliant group of people and | would be lost without your support”

“I have the best team in the world”

If you want to read some more about what people say about us, Read here

Ifyou have any questions, or anything you want to say to us, contact us. If you think you might like to join our service, talk to your social worker or Disability Manager, You can talk to us too, but in most cases, we will aso need to talk to whoever arranges your service for you



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