We are always keen to hear what others think about our services, most importantly those who use and rely on them. Simplicitas is an open organisation which encourages people to express their views on any matter in an open and honest way. An easy and transparent complaint system is in place, which supports people to raise any concerns more formally if they feel that they have not been heard. Simplicitas views the effective use of a non-confrontational complaint system as an essential tool for empowering individuals, strengthening their confidence in their own intrinsic value and beliefs, and contributing to organisational learning.

Most of the feedback we receive on a daily basis is highly positive and we hope reflects the quality, ethos, warmth and professionalism that underpins our service.

“I would be lost without your support. You are a brilliant group of people”

“Don’t be shy if you’re a bit nervous. I was nervous when I first came as I didn’t know who these people were. But they changed my life when I came out as transgender. Staff are lovely. We respect each other”

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