Intensive Support

Simplicitas has a fundamental belief in keeping people in the community by providing high level support in tenancies, or within families. Often people with multiple diagnoses or complex presenting problems may be on the verge of admission into full residential institutional care because their needs have not been fully met. It may be that the family that has cared for them to date has reached the end of the road in terms of its resilience and ability to cope, or there might have been a failed attempt at supported living. By providing an intensive level of support carefully tailored to meet the full range of individual needs presented, and identifying and building on existing strengths and interests, we can maintain a person in a family context and reduce the strain on all concerned, or ensure that there is a sufficiently structured and intensive programme of support within a tenancy to make supported independent living a reality. Taking things slowly, at a person’s own pace, often means the outcome is a greater degree of confidence and autonomy than was previously thought possible for the individual, thus avoiding long term high support residential care.

For people who may be many years away from attaining any degree of functional independence, or indeed who may never be expected to do so, we establish a bespoke programmes affording them the right to live in their own tenancy with dignity and appropriate levels of ongoing support.
Carefully structured therapeutic programmes, promoting personal growth and social skills development, provide the safety and consistency which is required to enable people with highly complex needs to live safely in their own home, in their own community, and work towards personal fulfilment in their lives.