Our Approach

Our simple approach enables us to work with people with a range of complex needs. By paying attention to all aspects of their present situation, we aim to prepare them to live fuller lives and take their place in society, enjoying maximum levels of independence and working towards managing their own affairs as far as possible. Every detail is considered, from the suitability of their living accommodation to ensuring that daily routines are planned and purposeful; from health and nutrition to spiritual and emotional wellbeing. Physical and mental health are assessed, as are fundamental issues around identity and self-belief. These are important parts of everyone’s world, and should not be paid any less attention because a person has a disability or a mental health condition. As well as aspects of self-care, we work with people on how to develop more valuable and mutually acceptable relationships with others, enabling very often improved relationships with family members, and Community integration. Autonomy in daily life, and a fuller participation in wider society is optimised at whatever level is both realistic and desired for each individual. Our structured programmes build confidence slowly towards achieving agreed milestones, assisting everyone to achieve personal, educational and vocational goals and to build confidence and independence through positive relationships with our experienced support staff.Addressing essential basic needs creates a feeling of safety and containment, and forms a strong foundation from which fundamental psychological and emotional needs can also be addressed.


Underpinning Approach

Everyone who joins us will have their own unique personality and bring with them their own specific set of needs and presenting difficulties, however the underlying approach remains the same. All Simplicitas programmes begin with the creation of a ‘therapeutic environment’, the essence of which is safe space, safe and reliable relationships and a safe, purposeful and predictable structure. Where relevant we also work to support and strengthen families who are an integral part of each person’s support system.

Our support staff are trained in a number of therapeutic techniques. They are not therapists, but understand the positive benefits of intentional shared living spaces, and the power and influence we have as professional over people’s lives. In the power of these strong professional therapeutic relationships, lies the opportunity to enable radical change, and also to reinforce of old patterns of conflict and rejection. Our approach is to strengthen the person from the inside out, building confidence and competence in all the practical and emotional aspects of being a human being and living alongside others. We do not just focus on behaviours.