Work with Us

Simplicitas is an equal opportunities employer


We are interested in talking to talented individuals who have experience working in community, social care and psychiatric settings with adolescents or adults exhibiting significant behavioural problems.

Experience as a carer, support worker, nurse, or other professional in the field of Intellectual Disability, Autism, Traumatic Brain Injury or Psychiatric services is an advantage, however a broad range of people skills inside and outside the care sector, and an intelligent and compassionate approach to people is the basis of a good Therapeutic Support Worker. If you think you have something special to offer us, and you are looking for a new opportunity, please get in touch. Full training is provided.

Partners Associates and Consultants

The Simplicitas model relies on a multi-disciplinary approach involving a wide range of medical and allied health professionals and therapists. As everyone has unique and different needs, and our ethos is based on community inclusion, we draw these disciplines from regular HSE services wherever possible. However we also work with a range of Private therapists and Consultants who deliver specific complementary therapies including Neurodevelopmental Therapy, Feldenkrais, and Kinesiology.

Work Experience Providers

Opportunities to experience a variety of occupational activities in live employment settings forms an essential part of the programme for people with disabilities and complex needs, who seldom have access to genuine work opportunities. People may participate in a variety of short work tasters, prior to being allocated a longer-term placement with one of our employers. Here they can learn to become a valuable member of a team and learn essential work-related skills as well as feeling like they are making a contribution. For some this will lead on to employment, for others it remains an essential part of their weekly routine. Our team keep a close eye on work placements and provide ongoing support and encouragement to employers so that any difficulties can be addressed at an early stage and working environments or tasks allocated can be adapted to meet individual needs.

If you are an employer who would like to give something back to the community by offering a work placement to a person with a disability, please get in touch.